Northshore Yachting Services - SINCE 1973
We understand that boat owners would like a complete marine service company whose knowledge and expertise will forecast, assess and oversee the management of works on the vessell. 
We ensure communication with the owner and provide regular reports.
Where necessary we source the most competative products and services in the industry.
We discuss  requirements  with the owner and prioritise a repair / maintenance schedule that ensures money is best spent and costs are spread throughout the year.
Tap into years of experience at Northshore Marine assisting you in making a qualified,  informed decision about your next boat purchase.
Experience and years spent working on the waterfront arms us with knowledge of the history and strengths and weaknesses of various boat designs. We can supply you with a comprehensive Shipwrights report.
Our massive database and clients looking to trade, upgrade, downsize as well as the ideal location of the RPAYC  allows us to repesent the owners when dealing with potential buyers, we make sure all the boxes are ticked for a smooth, hassle free transaction.